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About Filigro

Filigro is a bridging and finance company whose doors opened instinctively in 2007 when we realised that a law firm needed a financial solution for its clients during conveyancing transactions.

From 2009 we started to provide bridging finance to other law firms and experienced strong and continued growth. As the need for more structured finance increased, Filigro decided to venture into this essential domain.

Over the last few years, we expanded further into project financing. We assist property developers to advance their building work and selling their stock faster than before. This reduces the timeframe of many projects and developers can now realise profits from projects much sooner. Even after the point where commercial banks become involved, certain phases in a project are being furthered solely by our services.

We are able to provide a number of innovative finance options, tailor-made to your specific needs. Whether it be trade/business finance, finances for a specific phase of your business development – think “seeding” finances, expanding or reinvention; import/export finance or finance for farming assets. We get it. We speak the language. Finance is our forte. Get in touch with us for quick, affordable finance.

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