Property Finance

We advance up to 80% of the surplus proceeds of the sale of a property transaction

Rates and Taxes advanced

Sellers often do not have the required cash flow to settle their outstanding rates account at local authorities to obtain rates clearance certificates.

Transfer duty advanced

Buyers’ cash / equity is often tied up in their own linked sale and they require cash to pay transfer duty where they bought.

Proceeds from a further loan, switches

Banks are seldom prepared to release funds prior to registration of a mortgage bond. We advance funds during the waiting period for bond registration.

80% of Agent’s Commission

Estate Agents often need cash flow while they wait for their sales to get registered.

We gear bond free properties for purposes of raising finance for other transactions or renovations to improve the value prior to selling.

Finance for property purchases.

Guarantees for property purchases.

Property portfolios with tenants or rental income may provide valuable security for other development finance or purchases.

Trade & Business Finance

Expanding Business?

Do you need finances to invest in staff, infrastructure, stock building or new/bigger offices?

Discounting debtors book? Having to pay suppliers now in respect of trading stock, but only get to pay 60 to 90 days later?

Cash flow to settle suppliers whilst awaiting payment?

Import & Export Finance

Need to pay for stock building or settlement of suppliers whilst awaiting payment?

Finance for Farmers

Asset financing

Bridging the gap between harvest time and settlement for crops.